The gamified framework for growing your net worth.

Working toward financial goals should be hassle-free and enjoyable. Aviary gamifies simple steps to help you consistently track and grow your net worth.


Financial goals, simplified

Aviary is a simple, enjoyable framework for growing your net worth


Goodbye, spreadsheets

Personal finance just got a facelift. Here's how it works:

Set goals

Aviary helps you set short, medium, and long term goals for growing your net worth.

Monthly check-in

Come back to Aviary once each month to track your progress with beautiful charts and graphs.

Make it fun

As you grow, so will your Aviary. Unlock hand-drawn birds as you reach financial goals.
Get started

Get started for free (beta)

Currently in beta testing. New features are being added weekly!

Packed with premium features

Aviary includes everything you need to set goals, track your progress, and grow your net worth.

  • Track your net worth
  • Set long-term goals
  • Vizualize your progress
  • Unlock achievements
  • Collect digital hand-drawn birds
  • More features coming soon!